Our People and Values

We are our People: A strong team on its route to growth

Seaven paves its route to growth by putting into action corporate values intertwined with our marine and shore personnel. Our people, consistent, hardworking and talented professionals generate an incomparable impetus, capitalizing the company’ s operating structure, both at sea and onshore. Team work and cooperation are key elements for our success story that deploys everyday within our offices and onboard our vessels. The assets of our company’s growth are deeply connected to our people.

Low average age group: our invigorating power
In Seaven, the engagement of our employees is at the core of our everyday operations. By having one of the lowest average age groups in the shipping sector, our corporate culture incorporates the energy and enthusiasm of the younger employees with the experience of the senior ones. This is why Seaven team has an invigorating power for growth.

The recruitment cycle of Seaven is based on austere criteria for both marine and shore personnel yet it provides the opportunity to young professionals to build their career within our organization. We have examples of colleagues who made their first employment step in Seaven, in departments such as the Operations, the Crew and the Purchasing. The specific employees managed to demonstrate their drive for quality work and high performance.

New Training Center: dedicated to personnel Training and Development
As our people are our greatest asset, we consistently invest in our marine and shore personnel training and development. In that context, we have launched the new in-house Training Center of Seaven and we constantly enrich the Annual Training Plan with specialized workshops for all of our marine and shore personnel. On our route to growth, we encourage continuous development and recognize personal achievements by sponsoring post graduate education and all types of training for our employees.

Team Events: FAMILY DAY, a bonding initiative
At Seaven, we value team work, therefore, we acknowledge the impact of maintaining our strong company culture. Team events offer a valuable opportunity to celebrate our shared core values. FAMILY DAY brings together all of our employees along with their families. Getting to know each other better establishes stronger employee relationships, improves the quality of our everyday work and enhances the principles of cooperation across the organization.