We create our corporate history by traveling across the Seven Seas
We build our corporate culture through the stories of our people

Seaven Tanker Management and Dry Management was originally established in 2003 under the name Evia Petrol. Our name, “Seaven”, highlights the range of the company’s scope and encompasses the potential of our ships to travel across the Seven Seas, all over the globe.

Since 2003, our company is committed to the safety of our marine personnel and to the safe transport of oil/chemical and cement products. Through the years, Seaven has successfully grown and adapted to the ever-changing shipping market. Wanting to continue our strong maritime presence, we have developed and maintained strong long-term relationships with many oil and cement companies and international oil and cement trading houses while also having a broad base of time charter or contract of affreightment, for a large proportion of our fleet.

Seaven fleet is comprised of small/medium sized Greek flagged modern oil/chemical tankers and cement carriers, able to discharge either pneumatically or mechanically.

Seaven fleet mainly trades across the Mediterranean, Black Sea and North Europe ports, chartered by companies that are firmly established in the market and rely on a high standard of business conduct with known oil majors and traders and first-class cement major companies featuring among them.

The company’s philosophy is expressed by our focus on international best practices, quality in business, and safe operations. The company’s management team consists of some of the best professionals in the shipping industry, who continue to be motivated by the company’s core values as set by our founders.