We welcome awards as we consistently strive for safety and excellence

Green Award
Seaven Tanker Management celebrated the induction to the Green Award Foundation, during a Ceremony at the new company’s premises and Training Center, on the 4th of July 2019. Seaven is the first company worldwide, with vessels under 10,000 DWT, to receive the Green Award.

The Green Award is a significant milestone for Seaven, as the organization is continuously expanding and turning into a great company, a true pioneer for the shipping industry. Furthermore, the Green Award is the outcome of the continuous cooperation and high performance of the marine and shore personnel of the company.

Green Award was established in 1994 as a non-profit, independent, international foundation, acting as a quality mark by auditing and certifying companies and vessels that go above and beyond industry standards in terms of safety, quality and environmental performance. Green Award holders are the front runners of the maritime industry that strive for excellence. Green Award incentive providers are socially responsible companies, ports and organizations that help to promote safe shipping. Green Award helps to identify and recognize clean and safe high- quality ships. It is a simple yet reliable tool to promote safety, high environmental standards and Corporate Social Responsibility in the shipping industry.

Efkranti Award
The Efkranti Awards are organized annually by Naftika Chronika, under the auspices of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, and are hosted at the Foundation’s Historical Library in Piraeus. On the 18th of May 2016, the members of the Efkranti Awards jury announced the individuals and associations who excelled in 2015. The Efkranti Award of support to Greek shipping business was attributed to Seaven. Candidates for the specific award are individuals and associations contributing to the advancement of Greek shipping entrepreneurship.

Seaven continues a long tradition and has accumulated valuable experience in the shipping business and entrepreneurship. Seaven was awarded for being one of the most dynamic and modern companies in Short Sea Shipping, with a fleet of vessels serving mostly the Greek archipelago, contributing to the transportation of products to the Greek islands. Efkranti Award is an acknowledgement for the persistence of Seaven to provide support to Greece on all operating aspects, ranging from crew to vessels’ maintenance requirements, adding value to the Greek maritime cluster and supporting in total the Greek entrepreneurship.

Efkranti Awards honor the role and importance of the shipping companies which specialize in modern methods and maintain deep knowledge in short distance trade. The importance of solid shipping companies operating under these market conditions is extremely high, as they are indispensable to supporting the entrepreneurship, economic survival and prosperity of the Greek archipelago.

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