Mission and Vision

Our Mission: The implementation of our corporate growth strategy
This mission will be accomplished by capitalizing our expanding fleet
Preserving valuable relations with our clients and
Meeting the highest environmental and safety standards

We persistently establish our presence as an international provider of petroleum products and cement transportation services through a combination of strategic acquisitions, new building programs and the implementation of our time charter and CoA contracts. Seaven acknowledges the fact that oil and cement companies and major charterers seek to cooperate with professionally managed and well capitalized companies and choose them as their preferred carrier.

In this context, in Seaven, we are committed to providing quality transportation services to all of our customers and to developing and maintaining long term relationships with major charterers. Seaven continuously expands its fleet and has already become a well-known and reliable carrier by implementing its corporate strategy.

Focus on Time Charters and CoA’s
Time charter contracts and CoA’s are a significant part of our corporate strategy. Our company approach of locking-in significant revenue on those charters is complemented by active management of contract duration and the trading of a specific portion of the fleet in the spot market.

Specialized Fleet
Seaven owns and operates a fleet of well- maintained and specialized oil/ chemical tankers and cement carriers. The corporate growth strategy is premised on continuously adding quality vessels to the fleet.

Cost-effective Operations and Competitiveness
Cost-containment remains a priority for Seaven, in conjunction with maintaining high corporate operational efficiency and employee performance. Seaven continues to focus on thoughtfully reducing expenses to improve profitability during fleet expansion. Committed to the mission of cost-containment, Seaven is in position to maintain one of the most competitive fixed cost structures. To implement our corporate strategy, emphasizing on the needs of our customers, achieving high operational efficiency standards, retaining high performance teams, operating in accordance with sustainable goals and exceeding in terms of compliance with the environmental and safety regulations of the shipping industry, we have taken the following strategic steps.

Significant Market Presence
Seaven is focused on medium size oil/ chemical tankers and cement carriers within two particular market segments: the domestic oil and cement companies and the most reputable international oil and cement trading houses. Continuous growth through consolidation in both segments increases our ability to meet our customers’ needs and enables us to capitalize on the growing demand. We constantly investigate growth opportunities in the market and we persistently acquire new vessels.

Quality Reputation
Seaven has a solid reputation for delivering high quality, reliable, safe and clean transportation service to its customers. Seaven constantly builds on its corporate reputation securing that the operational and environmental standards of our Operations are consistent with the highest industry standards.

Long term Customer Relationships
Seaven continues to develop and maintain strong relationships with a broad base of respected customers, mainly oil and cement majors, traders and domestic companies that acknowledge the fact that Seaven is a highly performing and socially responsible company and that the team of Seaven always goes above and beyond industry standards in terms of operational efficiency, safety, quality and environmental performance.

Corporate Structure
Seaven is a fully vertically integrated structured company. All primary functions, from ownership to technical and commercial management are contained within the group. The corporate policies of Seaven engage all marine and shore personnel in taking action. We share a common vision for sustainable development which is applied in our everyday activities. We consistently meet and exceed compliance with all applicable rules and regulations governing the shipping industry.