Seaven – Cement Carrier Acquisition

The Panama flagged 7.500 dwt cement carrier, M/V «Seaven Luck»  was successfully  delivered to Seaven fleet on 11th of October 2016 in Japan.

Efkranti Awards Ceremony 2015

The “Efkranti «awards are organized annually by the Naftika Chronika, with the assistance and support ENOE and Aik Laskarides Foundation and  were awarded on 18 May 2016, the renovated Library of the  Catherine Laskarides Foundation in Piraeus.
The award of support of  Greek shipping business – candidates who may be individuals and associations have variously contributed in entrepreneurship of Greek shipping – awarded in 2015, in Mylaki Shipping Agency Ltd and Seaven.

The Mylaki Shipping Agency Ltd and Seaven are two companies which, quietly and tirelessly, continuing a long tradition and experience in shipping, and not only, entrepreneurship.

The Seaven is one of the most dynamic and modern companies in Short Sea Shipping with a fleet of ships which serves mostly the Greek archipelago, contributing in the total transportation of products and goods to to the Greek islands assisting in the local maintenance and improvement of entrepreneurship.

Additionally, Mylaki Shipping has an extensive agency network in main ports of Greece, enabling any ship approaching Greek ports to have access to a wide range grid of services. Both companies insist in supporting Greece on all operating aspects (ranging from crew to vessel’s  maintenance requirements) giving significant added value to the Greek maritime cluster.

With this award we honor the role and importance of the shipping companies that specialize in modern methods but also maintain deep knowledge in short distance trades. The importance of healthy Shipping companies in these market conditions is very important and valuable for supporting the entrepreneurship, economic survival and prosperity of the Greek archipelago.