Seaven is committed to the safe transportation of oil and its products, cement and to the safety of our seafarers, the marine environment and the public at large.

Seaven commitment to operating a safe and environmentally friendly fleet has enabled the Company to have very low incidents of injury and no incidents of spillage of cargo since the founding of the Company in 2003. By adhering to the strictest safety and environmental standards, Seaven is able to maintain long-term relationships with both employees and customers.
The implementation of the Seaven Intergraded Management System has been developed to ensure that we meet the expectations of our customers within the safety framework. We use a variety of management tools in this task, which include the following:

Health, Safety and Environmental policy. Basis to our company’s policy we are committed to provide healthy and safe working conditions, to promote safety and have pollution-free and environmentally safe operating practices.

The main objectives are:

• Zero level of accident for Personnel, Machinery, Installation and Cargo.

• Zero tolerance to pollution of Air, Water and Sound.

• To promote a culture of loyal employees, working in a healthy environment with safety as a way of life.

To achieve these objectives our Company will safeguard the following:

• The policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organisation.

• All of our employees at all levels complies strictly with the policy, standards and instructions issued and always performs their duties with special attention to safe and healthy conditions but always with the proper concern for the protection of the environment.

• Membership of marine environmental groups. Monitoring of safety performance data. Amongst other key indicators, Seaven measures time since the last time-loss accident on board.

• Crew recruitment, training and accident assessment. To run a safe company, Seaven needs to attract the best seafarers, and to make sure they receive the best training and work in the safest possible environment. The pool of our seafarers is in line with OCIMF requirements as well as with the applicable Officers Matrix requirements.