Through emergency response drills and exercises, Seaven strives to ensure both sea and shore staff are properly trained and prepared in environmental incident reporting procedures, activation of the Company’s emergency response plans and compliance with all U.S and international laws and regulations. The Company conducts quarterly fleet drills and annual fleet management office drills in compliance with IMO / Flag requirements.

Emergency and Complaints (for any threat, accident, incident, complaint, open reporting, etc):

Download open reporting form here:

Open Reporting Form

The open reporting module provides all employees within our Group with an opportunity to report any health, environmental and/or safety non conformances, hazards, near misses, suggestions for improvements or other issues anonymously or non-anonymously on the reporter’s decision.

We encourage all of our employees to report any of the above subjects either via the reporting system in the company SMS or via the open reporting module.

By implementing the open reporting module we will safeguard our target for an operational excellence and thereby to reach the goal of zero environmental accidents and zero personnel accidents.

SEAVEN Group strictly follows a non-blame culture and it is guarantee that there will be no retaliation against personnel who makes use of the open reporting module.

The responsible person and contact person regarding reporting issues Andreas Nisiotis.

In order to submit a report, kindly fill in the open reporting form