“Seaven” (Tanker Management Inc. & Dry Management Inc.) is the new company name of “EVIA PETROL group” which was first established in 2003.

Seaven features the width of the company’s scope and calls to its ships’ potential of traveling across the Seven Seas, all over the globe.

The fleet of Seaven is comprised of medium sized Greek flag modern oil/chemical tankers, double hulled and equipped with the technologically advanced equipment. The fleet of Seaven is also comprised of Panama flag pneumatic cement carrier vessels able to discharge either pneumatic or mechanically.

The fleet of Seaven is mainly trading between Mediterranean, Black sea and North Europe ports, chartered by demanding and well respected companies in the market, with known oil majors, traders and first class cement major companies being among them.

From the outset, the emphasis has been on modernity, quality and safe operations. To achieve this end, the founders recruited a very experienced management team from the best companies in the industry.

The Company has started with two cement carriers Eviacement III & Cement Star and then with its first tanker EVIAPETROL I swiftly followed by the rest of the current fleet.

Twelve months after company’s establishment, Seaven was awarded with a certificate of compliance for Quality Environmental Management ISO 14001. Well before our company was awarded with a Document of Compliance for meeting the standards of the IMO for ISM and Security Code by BV (Bureau Veritas) Classification Society.

Within three years, we successfully entered the newbuilding arena for the first time by contracting to build Eviapetrol II, a 2.204 DWT double hull oil/chemical tanker, at Torlak Shipyard in Turkey.

Seaven is maintaining strong, long-term working relationships with many oil and cement companies and International oil and cement trading houses, and a broad base of time charter or contract of affreightment for a large proportion of the fleet.