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Seaven features the width of the company’s scope and calls to its ships’ potential of traveling across the Seven Seas, all over the globe.

Through even, steady and reliable procedures, Seaven fleet comprises of medium sized Greek flag modern oil/chemical tankers, double hulled and being equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment. Seaven fleet has also Panama flag pneumatic cement carrier vessels able to discharge either pneumatic or mechanically.

Seaven fleet mainly trading between Mediterranean, Black sea and North Europe ports, chartered by demanding and well respected companies in the market, with known oil majors and traders as well as first class cement major companies being among them.



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Our Mission

Seaven is committed to safely operating a modern and spesialized fleet

Seaven recognizes that oil and cement companies and other charterers will be looking for professionally managed and well capitalized companies as their preferred carrier of choice. In this respect, our Company is committed to provide quality transportation services to all of our customers and to maintain / develop new long term relationships with the major charterers.

Seaven has achieved to increase its fleet and become a well-known & reliable carrier by executing the below pronged strategy:

  • Focus on Time Charters and CoA’s
  • Growing a Modern & Specialized Fleet
  • Cost-effective operations
  • Significant market presence
  • Quality reputation
  • Long-term customer relationships

Conduct & Ethics

Building and maintaining trust in our business relationships remain a fundamental aspect of our company’s core values.

Building and maintaining trust in our business relationships and pursuing the highest standards of ethical behavior remain a fundamental aspect of our company’s core values.

All Company’s shore staff and seagoing personnel are expected to be familiar with and understand the obligations under the Codes. In this respect the provisions of the Codes are included in employees’ initial familiarisation and training. Furthermore compliance with the Codes is included in the performance evaluation of each shore staff and seagoing personnel.

The following values and principles have been established and implemented in this respect, shared among all shore based and shipboard employees at all levels.



Seaven is committed to the safe transportation of oil and cement products, the safety of our seafarers, the protection of the marine environment and the giving back to society.

Health, Safety and Environmental policy. Based to our Group policy, we are committed to provide healthy and safe working conditions, to promote safety and have pollution-free and environmentally safe operating practices.
The main objectives are:

Zero level of accidents regarding Personnel, Machinery, Installation and Cargo.
Zero tolerance to pollution of Air, Water and Sound
healthy environment safety as a way of life.
policy is maintained and understood at all levels by our group.
environmental protection is complied strictly with attention by our personnel.
membership in marine environmental groups.
Monitoring of safety performance data.
Crew recruitment training and accident esteem for a safe company.



43, Iroon Polytechniou Ave. 185 35 Piraeus, Greece

Tel: +30 210 422 8085
Fax: +30 210 422 8076
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For Emergency, Operation
and HSQE issues call, on a 24/7 basis:

Tel: +30 210 422 8082
E-mail: emergency@seaven.gr